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Shaner Insurance Group — a Tucson based Independent Insurance Agency

If you own a home or car, it's essential to talk to a local insurance agent about your needs. In Arizona, you are required to carry insurance on your car and in certain cases, your home. Even if you purchase these limited amounts of insurance, that doesn't mean your home or auto is actually protected. With the help of Shaner Insurance Group, you can get into a policy that meets your specific needs.

We're an Independent Agency

One of the key reasons to work with Shaner Insurance Group is because we are an independent agency. That means we’re not stuck representing just one company. We represent multiple companies, which allows us to find the best fit for you. We can easily provide you with the assistance you need in selecting plans that meet all of your insurance needs, including lower rates. You can use our online comparative analysis tool to compare your options. Our online service provides you with instant access to accurate quotes.

Protect Yourself with Home Insurance and Auto Insurance

Arizona requires you to carry auto liability insurance. However, you may also benefit from collision, medical payments, and underinsured or uninsured coverage. Comprehensive insurance will help to protect against fires and theft, too. For homeowners insurance, you need to take into consideration not just your home's structure, but you and your family’s belongings and needs in the event of a fire or other home loss. Renter's insurance is a necessary, low cost tool, for those who want to protect their possessions and personal liability.

Work with Shaner Insurance Group and we'll help you to find the most affordable policies for your needs. You can call our agents or use our online quoting tool to get started. Shaner Group is the best way to get the insurance coverage you need to have peace of mind for both your home and car.

Auto Insurance in Arizona

The Grand Canyon State is situated in the hottest region of the United States, and has very low precipitation. Most of the time Arizona drivers drive on dry roads in clear conditions. The average auto insurance premium for residents in Arizona is $1,401 in 2010; $144 below the current national average. The requirements for minimum coverage are also relatively low. This is due to a relatively low population along with very few instances of poor weather affecting driving conditions.

Home Insurance in Arizona

Your home is a major investment, not just financially, but it’s where you and those most important to you build your lives. Shaner Insurance Group can help protect you from all the risks you face as a homeowner in Arizona. We can explain the risks that may occur and help you find the right policy for your home and personal property.

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