How Does Umbrella Insurance Work?

Your home is important to you. That is why you protect it with homeowner’s insurance. The same holds true with your vehicle. When you are considering insurance, talk with the agents at Shaner Insurance Group, Inc. Through serving residents in the Tucson, AZ area, they understand the needs that residents have. During that discussion, they may ask you to consider the additional coverage of an umbrella policy. This additional coverage is often not fully understood by consumers. 

Umbrella insurance provides additional liability coverage beyond your homeowners and auto policies. They are designed to kick in and provide the extra protection of your assets at a time when you need it most. When an accident occurs for which you are deemed responsible, your insurance policies provide coverage for the damages. If the injured party sues you, it can also provide funds to cover medical and legal expenses. However, there are some events where the medical and court costs exceed the limits of the policy. That is when umbrella insurance provides additional liability coverage. For instance, if you are a parent participating in a carpool or taking children to after-school activities and there is an accident, the medical expenses and legal fees could exceed the coverage provided by your auto insurance.  If your policy covers up to $350,000 but the expenses are $500,000, you will be responsible for the balance. An umbrella policy will cover those additional expenses, in some cases, up to $1 million. Umbrella policies will also cover events not covered by other policies such as slander and libel cases. 

The team at Shaner Insurance Group, Inc. works to ensure that their clients in the Tucson, AZ area have the coverage that they need. Visit them! They work hard to get you the coverage you need. 

Have a Home-Based Business? Is It Properly Insured?

Home-based business are becoming rampant in today’s society. While you may enjoy working from the comfort of your home, you need to consider protecting your business from unforeseen contingencies. Having a homeowner’s insurance policy in Arizona does not guarantee you protection because the policy is not designed to cover business activity.

Therefore, if you operate a business out of your home, you need to ask yourself the following important questions:
•    Do I get visits from customers to my home?
•    Would I lose my source of income if I had to close my business because of damage to my home?
•    Do I preserve client or employee records on my computer?
•    Do I maintain inventory or supplies in my premise or at off-site job locations?
•    Do I have employees working from my home?

If the answers to these questions are positive, then consider a homeowner’s policy from Shaner Insurance Group, Inc. Arizona. With the appropriate coverage, your business could be financially accountable for any damage in terms of employee injuries, data loss, lawsuits and property damage.
Home-based businesses can range from small consulting practices to large online retail operations. For this reason, Shaner Insurance Group offers different coverages that can cater for the needs of any home-based business in an economical manner. These coverages include:

General Liability Policy– this coverage is suitable if you don’t have inventory or equipment in your home. It protects you from lawsuits as a result of personal injury, negligence, or faulty products.
Business Owner’s Policy – it covers structures on your property, damage to inventory, or loss of business income because of harm brought about by high winds or fire. A standard business owner’s policy puts together property and liability coverage.
Business Owner’s Policy with Endorsements – you can customize your business owner’s policy with extra endorsements such as Data Breach if you maintain personal information regarding your clients.

Feel free to contact Shaner Insurance Group, Inc. for more information about insuring your home-based business in Arizona.



How Does a Deductible Work With Health Insurance?

If you are looking to obtain health insurance, you may find yourself confused about deductibles and co-insurance. This is a common source of confusion with those looking to obtain health insurance in the greater Tucson, AZ area. In fact, it is the source of many of the questions that we at Shaner Insurance Group Inc. are asked. Here is a bit of information you may want to know about deductibles and co-insurance if you are looking to obtain health insurance. 


Many health insurance policies have a deductible. You have to pay this deductible before your insurance or co-insurance and co-pays begin to kick in. There may be some exceptions to this. Some policies will offer one or two wellness visits per year that you simply pay a co-payment for, even before your deductible kicks in. It is also important that many polices have individual deductibles and family deductibles. Pay close attention to what these amounts are when selecting a policy. 

Co-Insurance and Co-Pays

Co-Insurance and co-pays typically only kick in once you have met the individual or family deductible for your health insurance policy. Once this has been met, you will be required to pay the co-insurance amount or co-pay for your health services that are covered. The amount for these co-pays and co-insurance payments typically varies based on the services rendered and whether you are seeking treatment in or out of the your network. It is important to pay attention to all of these factors so you know what you will be required to pay when selecting  a policy. 

If you are looking to obtain health insurance in the greater Tucson, AZ, Shaner Insurance Group Inc. can help guide you through the selecting and buying process. Call our office today to get started. 

Is it Wise to Buy Life Insurance at a Young Age?

There are more than a few benefits to be gained when you invest in life insurance in Tucson, AZ. And it is imperative to keep in mind that the younger you are when a life insurance policy is purchased, the lower your rate will be, meaning you can get a larger policy for a lower price. In fact, you should think about investing in life insurance for your children right after they are born. You can lock in an extremely low rate that your children can then continue to pay once they are over the age of 18. Or if you prefer, you can continue to pay for the policy for them and they can purchase a policy for their children when they have them. Here’s an overview of life insurance and why it is so important to purchase it as soon as possible. 

Importance of life insurance

You never know what curve balls life is going to throw your way. A life insurance policy can help provide you with peace of mind in knowing your family and loved ones will be taken care of financially in the event that you become deceased. 

Life Insurance can be Expensive

Yes, life insurance can be very expensive, especially if you wait until waiter in life to purchase it. This is why you should invest in a policy as soon as possible, both for you and your children. Remember, the younger they are when you get them the policy, the more money you will be able to save in regards to the premium rate. 

To learn more about life insurance, contact Shaner Insurance Group Inc. serving your local area today.

Does Motorcycle Insurance Cover Medical Bills?

Motorcycles are a great way to get around, they let you get a breath of fresh air, help you save gas, and are just plain fun to ride. For those that do own a motorcycle, you know that insurance is a must to be both safe and legal when out on the road. That being said, it is helpful to know just what motorcycle insurance covers should you be involved in an accident. For those that live in the Tucson, AZ area, the agents with Shaner Insurance Group Inc. can help you find the policy that fits.

So the real question is, does motorcycle insurance cover injury and medical bills associated with injury? The short answer is yes. Motorcycle insurance, much like car insurance, helps to cover both the medical bills of the other driver as well as your own medical bills should you be injured in an accident. This is to help make sure that you are safe while on the road and that you are not going to be left with a huge medical bill that you cannot pay should you be in an accident.

As with car insurance, you can opt for more coverage if you want but basic coverage does help pay for some medical bills. For those that do ride every day, it may be beneficial to find a larger policy that does cover a larger medical bill amount just in case you do get into a very serious accident. Most policies are going to cover around $10,000 in medical bills.

For those that live in the Tucson, AZ area, the agents with Shaner Insurance Group Inc. can help you find the policy and the amount of coverage that you need to be safe and secure when you do set out.  

Protecting Your Pontoon Boat

Pontoon boats are the perfect way to enjoy time on the water with friends and family. These luxury watercrafts can be customized to give you the space and amenities you need to make your next aquatic vacation unforgettable.

Keep your property and passengers safe by purchasing a comprehensive insurance package for your pontoon boat.

Insurance Policies for Pontoon Boats

Insurance policies for pontoon boats and other recreational watercraft usually cover three important areas.

  • Medical payments. If your riverboat party goes awry and someone gets hurt, your insurance will make payments for their medical treatment. You choose the amount of coverage desired.
  • Loss. Your homeowner’s policy probably won’t cover the full value of your boat if stolen while on your personal property. Storage facilities have insurance coverage, but it may not fully repay for the loss of your stored pontoon. A personal policy ensures that you can replace your boat in case of accident or loss while in use or storage.
  • Repairs. Whether damage occurs while transporting your pontoon to the lake or you run afoul of another craft on the waters, your boat insurance will cover your asset.

Depending on the value of your boat and how often you use it, you may need additions to your policy. The Shaner Insurance Group Inc. serves the Tucson, AZ area, and can customize your watercraft insurance to provide just the coverage you need.

Reduce What You Pay to Play

  • You may qualify for discounted premiums by taking boating classes and installing certain safety features.
  • Many insurance companies offer a “lay-up” period. When your boat is not in use, or laid up, your premiums are reduced.
  • Make sure you have the right policy. Different watercrafts require different levels of coverage.

The insurance experts at the Shaner Insurance Group Inc. can customize policies to protect your property in the Tucson, AZ area. Let us know how we can help you today!

How to Tell if Your Car Qualifies for Classic Car Insurance

Did you know that there’s a special type of insurance made just for classic cars? It’s designed to help cover for costs in case the insurer’s classic beauty ever gets damaged in situations like a storm or an accident. While car enthusiasts don’t like to think about anything happening to their prized possessions, classic car insurance is a good investment to have on hand just in case. 

But wait…how do you know if your vehicle qualifies as a classic car? Don’t worry – at Shaner Insurance Group Inc. in Tucson, AZ, we’ll give you the scoop below.

Classic Car Insurance Qualifications

In order for a vehicle to be qualified for a classic car insurance policy, it must be ten years old or more. If the car is 25 years old or more, it is considered as an antique. The car, of course, should be well taken care of and kept in good condition. It should also be driven for limited times on certain occasions like car shows, exhibitions, and parades.

Similar to regular auto insurance, you can have different coverages in your classic car insurance policy in case of certain events. Collision, dismemberment, liability, no fault,  and loss of earnings are some example she that may apply. Check with an insurance agent such as Shaner Insurance Group to see what is available in your state. 

Does Your Car Qualify?

Still not sure whether classic car insurance applies to your situation? Call us at Shaner Insurance Group Inc. anytime. Our friendly staff in Tucson, AZ is ready to help you protect your passion! No one wants to see their beloved classic car damaged, but in case it ever does, we can help you prepare for it so you can have peace of mind.

What you gain by having Rv insurance from Tucson, AZ, Shaner Insurance Group Inc.

Choosing the right insurance policy for your Rv can be a bit challenging and thus, you need to put a lot of things into consideration. It is always good that you understand the use of your vehicle to know the insurance cover you need, given that every individual has different needs and desires.

Having Rv insurance from Tucson, AZ, Shaner Insurance Group Inc. provides you with the peace of mind you need when on a vacation or a journey. We make sure you get the best services whenever and wherever you are.

Here is a list of some of the benefits you stand to gain by having Rv insurance from us

  • Full cover on the items in the Rv

When on vacation, your recreational vehicle is converted to be your home. Therefore, all your belongings are always in it and case of any loss or damage either due to theft or any natural disaster; your RV is protected together with all your belongings

  • Damages caused by the long travel

Due to its ability to cover many miles during summer, the Rv needs proper maintenance care. The tire may get worn out during your journey and thus the need to change it. In such a situation, we cover all the expenses required to service it or repair it as a result if you are traveling long distances.

  • Freedom from paying legal charges

As long as you have Rv insurance from Shaner insurance group, you need not worry about any legal charges you may have to incur as a result of using your vehicle. Also, you are free from any financial loss you may incur as a result of being sued

  • Insurance even on campsite

There are times when you may not be on the road. Even at this times, you need to protect your RV from any unforeseen risks. With this cover, you can relax and not worry about any unexpected financial losses you may have to encounter when your RV is on the campsite.

Visit or call us today to get more information on the best insurance coverage options for your recreational vehicle.


Who Can I Have Life Insurance On?

Life insurance can be confusing, especially knowing who you can take a policy out on and who you cannot. There are a wide range of rules when it comes to taking out a policy on someone and knowing where you stand is important. For those in the Tucson, AZ area, the agents with Shaner Insurance Group Inc. can help you answer all your questions.

You can take an insurance policy out on your children that are under the age of 18 without having to worry about consent since you are their legal guardian. You cannot take a policy out on someone that is over the age of 18 without their consent unless you are their legal guardian. This means that if you are the guardian of someone that is over the age of 18 and they cannot make legal decisions for themselves, you can take a policy out on them.

In general, you need to make sure that anyone you take a life insurance policy on is aware of it and that they consent and sign all the necessary paperwork to make the contract legal and binding. It is important that if you want a policy to pay out that you take the time to get the necessary documentation and paperwork so that the claim will not be denied and so that it will pay out.

It is always best to make sure you have the necessary paperwork so that claims will not be rejected. If you live in or around the Tucson, AZ area and have questions about who you can take a policy out on, contact the agents with Shaner Insurance Group Inc. to find out more. Life insurance does not have to be difficult if you have the right agency on your side.  

Why You Should Keep Your Business Parking Lot Clean

Business owners have some different responsibilities to juggle to ensure a safe and profitable venture. It is easy to overlook certain items, especially when the business is thriving and the daily workload is significant. At Shaner Insurance Group Inc. we are always looking for ways to help support and inform our clients. To that end, we would like to highlight the importance of keeping your Tucson, AZ business parking lot clean and well-maintained.

Why Cleanliness Counts

When a customer or client comes to your place of business, your parking lot is the first chance that you have to make an impression. A clean, untidy or poorly-maintained lot will set the tone for your business relationship. Cleaning the parking lot should be a regular part of your weekly maintenance schedule, and can be as simple as taking a quick spin on the lot to pick up debris or trash, check the landscaping and make sure that any lighting or signage is in good shape. 

Common Parking Lot Maintenance Issues

Over time, the surface of your parking lot will require maintenance. Whether through seasonal temperature fluctuations, storm damage or simple wear and tear, the surface of the lot can begin to show pits, buckles or excessive cracking. A good way to stay on top of these issues is to conduct a thorough inspection of the lot at least twice a year, preferably in the early fall and early spring. Check for areas where the surface of the lot has changed, and be proactive in filling cracks, patching holes and dealing with root intrusion or other damage. Taking care of these things now can avoid a customer or client becoming injured while on the property.  

At Shaner Insurance Group, Inc. we approach each business account as a partnership. We are here to help with any questions or concerns that you may have about commercial insurance matters in and around Tucson, AZ, and we want you to know that we will be here when you need us.