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Arizona Other insurance coverage

Other Insurance in Arizona

The insurance that you need to purchase can depend on several factors, including the asset and your personal goals. Fortunately, Shaner Insurance Group can provide the advice and information that you need to protect your assets.

RV Protection

Although a RV is a type of vehicle, you may need to purchase more than the coverage that is recommended for a car. Since the vehicle is often used for camping, living or long-term trips, it can have more risks when compared to a car. You should always maintain the minimum standards for liability and we also also recommend buying additional coverage against theft, accidents that are not related to driving or damages to personal belongings.

Classic Car Policies

A classic car is required to meet or exceed the state standards for liability protection; however, you may want additional coverage for the vehicle. A specialized plan may also set restrictions and requirements in relation to the way that the vehicle is used and stored. Generally, the policy will be less expensive due to the limited risks.

Motorcycle Insurance

When it comes to insurance that is appropriate for your assets, motorcycle coverage is a necessity. The state requires that you purchase liability coverage; however, you may want to buy additional protection against theft, damages from unexpected storms or similar situations. The coverage can help pay for any problems that may arise.

The insurance coverage that you need can depend on the assets that you own and your personal preferences. Fortunately, insurance agents are always available to assist with the decision making process by offering advice and a variety of quotes. To learn more about your options, contact us to talk to an agent today.

Watercraft Insurance

Watercraft can have a variety of risks based on the way that you use a boat or other type of water vehicle. The insurance can help protect against common threats and problems, such as hitting another boat or damaging the bottom of the asset by getting too close to the shore. Depending on your situation and the usage of the asset, the type of coverage that you need may vary.


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